Engelse woordenlijst en afkortingen

Er zijn een boel formulieren, codes en afkortingen die worden gebruikt. Hier vind je een overzicht:

Engelse woordenlijst

ADIT – Alien Documentation, Identification & Telecommunications System

AOS – Adjustment of Status 
Consulate – Work place of a diplomat who’s job is to look after the interest of it’s citizens in a foreign country. This is also where visas are processed 
CPR – Conditional Permanent Resident 
CSC – California Service Center 
CUSTOMS Douane NOT immigration! 
DOJ – Department of Justice. INS falls under the jurisdiction of the DOJ 
EAD – Employment Authorization Document 
Embassy – The building in which an ambassador lives or works. The Embassy does not process visas 
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 
INA – Immigration and Nationality Act 
INS – Immigration and Naturalization Service (OLD NAME see USCIS) 
IRS – Internal Revenue Service 
ISP – Internet Service Provider 
IVACS – Immigrant Visa Applicant Control System 
JFK – John F. Kennedy International Airport 
NG – Newsgroup 
NOA – Notice of Action (form I-797) 
NSC – Nebraska Service Center 
PDF – Adobe Portable Document Format (used by Adobe Reader) 
POE – Port of Entry. Usually airport or border crossing inspection post. 
PR – Permanent Resident (Also LPR – Legal Permanent Resident) 
RTFM- Read The F* Manual 
SSA – Social Security Administration 
SSN – Social Security Number 
SWAMBO – She Who Absolutely Must Be Obeyed. (A lady at the Dutch Consulate) 
TSC – Texas Service Center 
USCIS= United States Citizenship and Immigration Services 
VSC – Vermont Service Center 
VWPP – Visa Waiver Pilot Program

I-94 – Arrival/Departure record. (For toerists! keep the part you receive to hand over at departure, its a proof you left the country again)

I-102 – Form to apply for I-94 if it was lost, destroyed or mutilated.

I-129F – Petition for Alien Fiance(e). Can only be filed by US Citizen and must be filed in the US.

I-130 – Petition for alien relative.

I-131 – Application for Re-entry Permit/Advanced Parole. Required to re-enter between filing I-485 and getting the green card stamp.

I-134 – Affidavit of support. Used when applying for non-immigrant visas.

I-468 – Data Collection for Alien Documentation, Identification & Telecommunications System (ADIT). A processing form. Similar to WR-702 or WR-703.

I-551 – Alien Registration Receipt Card. The ‘Green’ Card. After a successful interview at the INS office, this will be stamped in the passport and the laminated card send afterwards.

I-765 – Application for Employment Authorization Document

I-485 – Change of Status form. Must be filed after the wedding to begin process of transferring status to permanent resident.

I-751 – Petition to remove conditions. This form must be filed jointly by original petitioner and beneficiary in the 3 months prior to the 2nd anniversary of obtaining conditional permanent residency.

I-864 – Affidavit of support. This form is to be filed with I-485 when changing status

I-865- Sponsors change of address. If you signed the I-864 affidavit, you must report change of your address within 10 days.

I-797 – Notice of Action. Both the receipt notice, and approval notice will be issued on this form.

I-688 – This is the number of a laminated Employment Authorization Document. (Currently version I-688B)

G-325A – Biographic Information. Needs to be filled out for petitioner and beneficiary when petitioning, and again when filing adjustment of status

I-9 – Employment Eligibility Verification. You will be required to fill this form out when applying for a job to show you are legally employable.

I-90 – Application to Replace Alien Receipt Card. This will need to be filed if you lose your green card. (and I think when it expires)

IRS-9003 – “Additional Questions to be Completed by All Applicants for Permanent Residence in the United States” (a form used by the Internal Revenue Service)

AR-11 – Change of Address form. Tough to find. Send a letter instead.

N-400 – Application for Naturalization (to United States Citizen)